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PIK 2003 LTD is a wholesaler of steel bars, sheets and profiles for the mechanical engineering industry

изработка на неръждаема стомана от Пик 2003 ООД

PIK 2003 LTD sells steel products from its storage facility located in Ruse.

PIK 2003 LTD wholesales steel products from its metal storage facility in Ruse. The company offers a variety of tool steels, stainless steels, rolled products, steel sheets and ahuge number of steel profiles used in the mechanical engineering industry and in agricultural equipment production processes.

At our storage facility we keep in stock a wide variety of steels and steel products, such as:

Сертификат на Пик 2003

Sertificate of PIK 2003

  • Structural steels: St3, St 20, A12, S235, S355, St45, 40KH, 42CrMo4, 18KHGT, 30KHGT, 12KHN3А, 65G and other steels;
  • Tools steels: SHKH15, KHVG, KH12, KH12MF;
  • Heat resistant steels: 5KHNM, 3KH3M3F, 4KH5MFS;
  • Stainless steels: 20KH13, 40KH13, 304, 316, etc.;
  • High-speed steels: R18, R6M5;
  • Steel bars and rods: round, rectangular, hexagonal;
  • Steel sheets with thickness of up to 220 mm;
  • Heavy wall (Mannesmann) Tubes;
  • Steel flat bars;
  • Cast iron;
  • Seamless tubes;
  • Hot-rolled steel plates;
  • Rolled round bars
  • Calibrated steel bars: round, hexagonal, flat, square
  • High yield steels

The wholesale storage facility for steel sheets, bars and rods is located in the city of Ruse, at a place which can be easily accessed by light or heavy motor vehicles. Our employees have a vast knowledge on the product range sold by the company which facilitates the adequate communication with customers. Employees can provide professional advice and answer any customer question.

Download a list with the currently available stock at the storage facility of PIK 2003 LTD for steel sheets, bars and rods. The file is updated promptly whenever there is a change in stock, so that company customers and partners can be sure that they will receive accurate and complete information in a timely manner.

Services provided by PIK 2003 LTD

Лентонарезна машина / Metal bandsaw

Metal bandsaw

In addition to the wholesale of steel and metal stock, PIK 2003 LTD offers some services, such as repair works, oxy-fuel cutting and metal bandsaw cutting.

If you need any further details, do not hesitate to get in contact with the company. Please use the contact details published on our web site or just fill in the contact form on our Contact page.