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Please contact the wholesale steel storage facility of PIK 2003 LTD in Ruse:

The wholesale steel storage facility is located in Ruse, on the territory of the former “Stefan Karadzha” Factory for Machine Processing Equipment.

Сграда на ПИК-2003 - склад на едро за стомани в Русе

Building of PIK 2003

If you are interested in finding steel or metal products, please use the contact details of PIK 2003 LTD to get in contact with the wholesale steel storage facility in Ruse. Once in touch with the company, you will have the chance to receive full information about the prefabricated products, the available metal stock, the sizing and cutting capacity, the way to place an order for the delivery of metal sheets, profiles, blanks and other details produced or sold by the company.

Contact details of the wholesale steel storage facility:

Ruse, 12 Str Sv D. Basarbovski

  • tel.: +359 82 82 84 00
  • tel.: +359 82 82 86 00
  • GSM: +359 878 926 027
  • GSM: +359 888 926 027
  • E-mail:
  • E-mail:

The industrial facility of the company is located at the address of the wholesale steel and metal detail storage facility in Ruse. Here you will find a wide variety of steel products (structural steels, tools steels, high yield steels) profiles and details (heat resistant, stainless, high-speed), steel sheets, tubes, steel flat bars, cast iron, hot-rolled steel plates, bars, hexagonal calibrated steel bars, flat calibrated steel bars, square calibrated steel bars etc.

You scan also place orders for CNC oxy-fuel cutting and sizing and cutting with bandsaw.

You can be sure that the services provided by the wholesale steel storage facility PIK 2003 LTD in Ruse will be such that every customer deserves. This means they will be quick, adequate, polite and with an individual approach to each customer.

Online contacts with PIK 2003

The possibility for online contacts with PIK 2003 is created in favour of those clients and partners that prefer this mode of communication or want to make a detailed enquiry. Our personnel and consultants will take into consideration each email separately. They will contact back the client as soon as possible and will provide accurate and clear information, which will answer the questions posed.

Make sure that you fill in accurate contact details, so that a representatives of the company will be able to contact you.


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