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Prefabricated blanks from sheet material, tubes and other profiles – QMS Certificate of PIK 2003 LTD.

Quality Management System covering the prefabrication of blanks from sheet material, tubes and other profiles

PIK 2003 LTD has implemented and applies a Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008 with reference to the prefabrication of sheet material, tubes and other profiles.

Сертификат на Пик 2003

Sertificate of PIK 2003 LTD

The QMS ensures the high quality of products prefabricated from sheet materials, tubes, profiles, metal details, steel bars, etc. which can satisfy the requirements of all potential and existing company customers.

The introduced quality management system is part of the measures and processes developed to control the steels and metals wholesale services and cutting activities. It ensures that products and services are provided at a quality level compliant with the existing legal requirements and current trends in the field.

The system for prefabrication of sheet, tube and profile blanks introduced by PIK 2003 LTD is based on eight major principles which are strictly followed by the company. They aim to ensure:

  • Keeping strict hierarchy which contributes for the internal company order;
  • Application of adequate system and process management approaches;
  • Continual optimization of each business parameter;
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial relations with suppliers, distributors, partners and customers.

What else can PIK 2003 LTD offer with reference to the production of metal sheet and bar products?

By applying a Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008 for the prefabrication of metal sheet and bar products PIK 2003 LTD offers the following benefits to its customers:

  • Maintaining of high corporate culture, which also means high quality of products and services;
  • Expansion of the scope of provided services through investment in high quality equipment and highly skilled staff;
  • Strictly kept internal rules which provide for expediting of works and high customer satisfaction levels;
  • Continuous quality improvement by performance of regular inspections, audits and check-ups, as well as organization of various training and qualification courses for the company staff.

The above measures prove that PIK 2003 LTD is a Bulgarian company working at European level and capable of maintaining and developing its storage facility and its metal sheet and bar cutting production facility in order to provide its customers with quality services.